SantaMarineThis week’s episode of Reply Briefs is an interesting holiday-related query that’s along the same lines as a question a lot of players have been asking us recently – what 40k army should I buy for 6th edition? We sort of answered the question in this article on netlisting but that was admittedly nonspecific advice.  Now, I still stand by the answer.  I still believe proxying new units and new armies until you find what works best for you is the best way to pick an army that you can be successful with in 6th edition. But this time we’re going to break it down a little more pragmatically. Some credit for this article goes to Szafraniec, as some of it is based on discussions we’ve had recently on similar issues.

The Question: What 40k army should I buy with my Christmas money to stay competitive in 6th Edition?

The Answer: Grey Knights, Necrons, Imperial Guard, or some combination thereof.

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Imperial_Guard_Vol_1_1GiantKiller here with another episode of Building the Case. This week’s edition is a response to a build request for a Pure IG build at the 1000 points level with “some kind of blob and air support”. I think this will work out well, as IG has an efficient enough codex to pack in both durability and mobility at the 1000 point level and still have some room left over for a few useful toys. After some tweaking and playtesting, this is what I came up with.

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