In this episode of Building the Case we’re helping out with a list a reader is preparing for an upcoming tournament with an interesting twist – only battle brothers are allowed as allies.  He’s hit on a fantastic combination in SW/IG and sent us a list to review and make suggestions.  From what we could gather, anonymous wants to make sure the list includes a fast-moving assault unit, lots of troops, some long-range fire support, and an airborne objective-grabbing unit.  Read on for his original list, our suggestions, and our new suggested list.

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Imperial_Guard_Vol_1_1GiantKiller here with another episode of Building the Case. This week’s edition is a response to a build request for a Pure IG build at the 1000 points level with “some kind of blob and air support”. I think this will work out well, as IG has an efficient enough codex to pack in both durability and mobility at the 1000 point level and still have some room left over for a few useful toys. After some tweaking and playtesting, this is what I came up with.

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Can models embark and disembark from the Valkyrie, and if so, how?


With the release of the Imperial Guard FAQ on September 3, 2009, this is no longer an issue:

“Q. How do you treat the Valkyrie base for gaming? Due to its height it seems that it is impossible for a Valkyrie to contest an objective, or for troops to disembark/embark normally.

A. Follow the rules in Measuring Distances in the Skimmers section in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook with the following exception: For the purposes of contesting objectives and embarking/disembarking from a Valkyrie or Vendetta, measure to and from the model’s base.  For example, models wishing to embark within a Valkyrie can do so if at the end of their movement, all models within the unit are within 2″ of the Valkyrie’s base.”  Codex:IG FAQ p.2 (2009)

OUR HOLDING (Upheld as of 9.3.09 by the IG FAQ):

Models can embark and disembark from the Valkyrie, measuring the 2″ distance from the Valkyrie’s base.

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