BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! LISTS FOR THE LIST THRONE! LET THE GALAXY PLAY THEMED KHORNE ARMIES!  Alrighty then, now that that’s out of my system, today we’re bringing you the second installment of Szafraniec’s series on Mono-God themed army lists from the new Chaos Codex.  Today’s theme, as the astute among you may have already guessed, is Khorne.

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For those fluff/theme/lore enthusiasts like myself out there, this series is for you.  One of the great failings of the 2007 Chaos Codex was the difficulties it presented to those seeking to build an effective a mono-god chaos army.  Sure, there were marks, and cult troops, and some lists worked better than others.  But lesser daemons lacked flavor, and Lash was so good it was difficult to justify taking an HQ that wasn’t a lash prince or lash sorc.  Paint it how you want, call it what you want, when you’re running a lash prince we all know it’s the Prince of Excess setting those enemy infantry up for that perfect Vindicator blast or ‘Zerker charge.  Either way, the lack of in-game recognition and support for individual Legions, specific Daemons, sacred numbers, or any reason to take anything purple that wasn’t a Lash Prince, mono-god theme armies were relegated to the land of the beer and pretzels game.  But now it’s 6th edition, and we’ve got the new Chaos Space Marines codex in our hot little hands.  Will it be enough to run a mono-god theme list that isn’t going to auto-lose to anything balanced and competitive?  In this series, I’ll talk about how the new Chaos Space Marines Codex and 6th edition in general have helped mono-god theme lists make a comeback, and provide some sample lists for your viewing pleasure.


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