As I’ve mentioned before, the distinct lack of articles appearing here over the last few weeks is my XBOX’s fault. I have caught the console FPS bug and Szafraniec and I are knee-deep in Call of Duty 9:Black Ops II. But being a true 40k addict, I’ve been noticing distinct similarities popping up between the way I play my favorite FPS and the way I play my favorite tabletop war game.

Now, I’m by no means elite when it comes to Call of Duty. My kill/death ratio and accuracy are horrendous. You won’t find me on gamebattles or traveling to MLG events, I don’t have a fancy headset, and I don’t stream. I’d describe myself as an average CoD player who has to play smart to win. This series, which will likely last for about as long as I’m playing CoD, will focus on fundamental concepts that I think might be useful to players of CoD and players of 40k. We’re not talking high-end competitive stuff here, these are more along the lines of the fundamentals, the basics. I just found it interesting how similar some of these fundamental principals are, in these two very different games, on two very different platforms. So in today’s episode of Law School, we’ll be discussing arguably the most important fundamental theme in both 40k and CoD: playing the objectives.

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