Following GK’s lead, I figured I would fill everyone in. But first, to answer the question, where’s the 40k stuff?

Here is my problem: I CAN’T PICK AN ARMY!

Ever since 6th edition hit, I have been proxying, substituting, listbuilding, mathhammering, and lore-mastering more armies than I care to admit. I will go into this soon, and explain what I see as the “paralysis factor” that the possibility of allies can cause for list-builders. But that’s not this!  So read on to see what I’m up to this week.

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This week’s episode of Reply Briefs isn’t a rules question. It is, however, a question we’ve been asked more than a few times now.  We therefore felt it’s probably worth responding to in an article of its own.  So, in true lawyer fashion, we will answer the question without actually answering the question.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent.  Enjoy!

The Question: What’s the best list in 6th edition?

The Answer: It depends.

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I love Hordes. And no, I am not talking about WarmaHordes. One obsession at a time.

Since I started 40k I have been drawn to foot lists. Gaunts, Orks, Guardsmen, etc. Something about legions of troops wading into fire, and coming out on top. What this means is that 6th edition is my favorite in a long while. Strong, durable scoring units rule the day, and vehicles got weaker. Sure, they are shootier, and have a place in lists. But it is easier for me to make a list without GK telling me “Mech that shit up”. What hordes have traditionally lacked, however, is mobility. Guardsman blobs count on that ‘move move move’ to help get them to center. Taking a rhino for a tac squad is still a good deal, even better when you add spikes and a havoc launcher.

Still, a well-built horde army has its place in competitive 40k thanks to 6th edition. Ork mobs are one of my favorites, and the faceless legion of Necrons has always had a place in my heart. While it is no secret that Necrons are a strong Codex and often a great place to start, lets ally in a mob or two of these green fellas, and see where we get.

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