Welcome to our newest series, The Docket.  Back in September of 2011 when we made our first return from a long hiatus, we promised to bring you more content on ”the Rules Lawyers as gamers”, intending to keep you, our readers, apprised as to what we’re up to.  We wanted to give some insight into our gaming lives beyond just the tournament reviews and the dry, lengthy rules discussions we (occasionally) produce.  That was partly the result of meeting and getting to know some great people at Gamesday 2011.  It was also partly in response to some emails we’d received in our absence, asking about things like what armies we’re playing, what armies we’re working on, what tournaments we’re going to/judging, and other things like what videogames we play, whether we’re on XBox or PS3, etc.  We’ve continued to get these kinds of questions from time to time ever since.  Unfortunately, aside from the occasional “Building the Case” article, we haven’t really done much to address those questions.  And as we’ve mentioned before, we want to be your rules lawyers.  That means we want our content to be driven by what our readers want to see.  No sense in writing something nobody wants to read.


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