SantaMarineThis week’s episode of Reply Briefs is an interesting holiday-related query that’s along the same lines as a question a lot of players have been asking us recently – what 40k army should I buy for 6th edition? We sort of answered the question in this article on netlisting but that was admittedly nonspecific advice.  Now, I still stand by the answer.  I still believe proxying new units and new armies until you find what works best for you is the best way to pick an army that you can be successful with in 6th edition. But this time we’re going to break it down a little more pragmatically. Some credit for this article goes to Szafraniec, as some of it is based on discussions we’ve had recently on similar issues.

The Question: What 40k army should I buy with my Christmas money to stay competitive in 6th Edition?

The Answer: Grey Knights, Necrons, Imperial Guard, or some combination thereof.

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This week’s episode of Reply Briefs isn’t a rules question. It is, however, a question we’ve been asked more than a few times now.  We therefore felt it’s probably worth responding to in an article of its own.  So, in true lawyer fashion, we will answer the question without actually answering the question.  Names have been changed to protect the innocent.  Enjoy!

The Question: What’s the best list in 6th edition?

The Answer: It depends.

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The Question: Can First Blood be awarded for killing a vehicle?

The Rules Lawyers Answer:  Yes.

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The Question: How many swarm bases are killed by a single unsaved wound from a blast or template weapon that has sufficient strength to cause instant death to a swarm base?

The Rules Lawyers Answer:  Two.

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The Question: Can a unit use the 6th edition “Our Weapons Are Uselss” rule to auto-fail a Morale check caused by losing combat, when it is locked in a multiple combat involving one enemy unit it can hurt and one it can’t?

The Rules Lawyers Answer: Yes, Our Weapons Are Useless can be used if there are any unhurtable enemy units locked in the same combat.

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The Question: Can Marker Drones taken by a tau model equipped with both a Drone Controller and Target Locks split their fire along with the controlling model?

The Rules Lawyers Answer: No, because the Target Lock allows only the equipped model to split its fire.

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Welcome to the first in a series of short and to-the-point rules discussion articles we’ve decided to call ‘Reply Briefs’.  The idea is to more quickly address less complex rules issues (i.e. those not requiring a full-length ruling) we receive by email and/or spot in our wanderings around the ‘net.

The Question: Zob asked (in a comment on YTTH): “how do we know which Cryptek wargears are the unique ones? For all we know they are limited to one Lance and one Voltaic Staff per royal court.”

The Rules Lawyers Answer: Only the optional wargear upgrades available to Harbingers that don’t come automatically with a particular Harbinger upgrade are limited to one per court.

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