Following GK’s lead, I figured I would fill everyone in. But first, to answer the question, where’s the 40k stuff?

Here is my problem: I CAN’T PICK AN ARMY!

Ever since 6th edition hit, I have been proxying, substituting, listbuilding, mathhammering, and lore-mastering more armies than I care to admit. I will go into this soon, and explain what I see as the “paralysis factor” that the possibility of allies can cause for list-builders. But that’s not this!  So read on to see what I’m up to this week.

What I’m Playing:

Black Ops 2. You try telling GK no. Doesn’t work well. Truth be told, I am not the biggest CoD fan, and I thought MW3 was a pile of crap. I am MUCH more impressed with Black Ops 2. And, like most things, games are more fun when you have friends to play with. So I bought it, and jumped in. Scorestreaks are so much better than killstreaks. The guns are more balanced. The perks are not broken. And most importantly, the spawn-rotation system no longer seems completely random and stupid. It is overall a much better product.

It is also worth noting that the single player in Black Ops 2 is a LOT more fun. I always griped about MW3…too many characters to care about any of ‘em, and overall just too depressing. At some point in MW3 I realized that your characters failed almost every mission. Every bad guy got away at the end of the level. You never made it in time, till the last board. The only way I made it through was when I started looking at the game’s storyline as a comedy of errors featuring the keystone cops of the special forces that just couldn’t get anything right. Wacky fun.

I am also one of the 7 people in the world still playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. I am a Bioware fanboy that beat KotoR and KotoRII many, many times. I don’t do ops, I dally in Hard Modes, and have been known to warzone, but for the most part I just chug along through the storylines. The biggest criticism of this game has alaways been its a single player game masking as an MMO. I am okay with that. It does give me an ‘end’….I just need to max 8 characters! Halfway there. On and off.

Whats that? New Duel of the Planeswalkers content? Dammit!


Lists I Am Working On:

As I mentioned above, I am all over the place. I’m in love with SM, but can’t make a non-Space Wolf list that I like. I’ve spent a LOT of time with the Tyranid dex recently, and I think they can be competitive. Being a bit of an Aliens fanatic, i’ve always been interested in Nids. And with my new dislike of allies (look for that article soon), Nids present a tempting option. Biggest problem? Cost. Nids are expensive. You need lots of critters. So more proxying is necessary before I make that kind of investment.

Then looking over me is the DA release. I have always loved robed marines, and i’m sitting on 30 robed guys and some Dark Vengeance guys, waiting with baited breath.


Rules We’ve Been Arguing About:

Not so much a rule, but definitely an issue of play, the Scatter Die. With the resurgence of barrage weapons thanks to barrage sniping, net-list daemon armies deep-striking all over the place, and crashing flyers, that scatter die is getting rolled more and more often, but few of us bring protractors with us.  As a result, we’re seeing more and more players who end up doing the robot at their table, trying to line up their arm with the angle, move it to the correct location without changing said angle, and figure out who lands where.

Short answer? Roll the die as close to the effected unit as possible, or bring dueling pistols.

3 Responses to “The Docket: Szafraniec’s Week of 12/16/12”

  1. “Short answer? Roll the die as close to the effected unit as possible, or bring dueling pistols.”

    Amen! Big pet-peeve of mine!

  2. I don’t know if I’d call mw3 a pile of crap, but it definitely didn’t hold my attention like black ops 2 has. My biggest issues with mw3 were the spawns and gun balance in general. Black ops 2′s maps are better imo, but mw3 had some fun ones too. The singleplayer for mw3 was very “meh” – they were apparently really trying to hammer home the point that war is bad.


  3. That scatter die thing has been a problem for me before. its led to some very heated discussions and even had to have a judge come over and sort things out. One guy was like “here i’ll just line it up with my tape measure” then he turned the tape measure as he moved it. Seriously, do both of you a favor and roll it by the place its going!

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