As the title suggests, Merry Christmas! Yes, I realize it’s after Christmas now, but as I’ve been traveling all over the place visiting friends and family, this is the soonest I could get this up. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and got lots of toy soldiers for Christmas!

Read on to find out what GK’s getting up to this week, abbreviated as it may be by Christmas Cheer!

The Big News

So this weekend I got engaged! My new fiancee is a lovely and wonderful girl who’s very supportive of my 40k and videogame addictions. She’s also quite tolerant of the multitude of models sprawled all over our apartment in various states of construction and paint! Definitely a keeper!

What I’m Playing

Haven’t had much time to play this week due to traveling and family time. I did manage to get in a few 1v1 online games of Duels of the Planeswalkers on XBox Live – mostly with the Black/White “Grim Procession” deck. It’s still my favorite of the deck pack decks, and despite my earlier theory that these decks were designed to be more multiplayer-oriented, Grim Procession has proved very successful for me in 1v1 thanks to some efficient beaters with special abilities that are actually useful, and lots of opportunities to generate card advantage. I got zero 40k played this week (against actual humans, anyway), which is something I’ll have to remedy very soon!

Lists I’m working on

I’ve been tuning and testing a 1000 point pure IG list in response to a build request. Look for that one soon! Other than that I’ve been fiddling around with Daemons with CSM allies, but most of the time I think I’d rather just go pure daemons. Working at the 1000 point level with IG has me thinking about pure crons at that level, too. I’d probably do something like:

HQ: Zahndrekh – 185
Court: 2x volt-teks – 50

Troops1: Warriors x5, Scythe – 165
Troops2: Warriors x5, Scythe – 165
Troops3: Immortals x7, Tesla – 119
Troops4: Warriors x10 – 130

H.Support1: Anni Barge – 90
H.Support2: Anni Barge – 90

This is just basic shoot-you-to-death crons. I think it might have a hard time dealing with 2+ armor saves – it’d just have to torrent them down like anything else. Ultimately it relies on people not bringing a lot of anti-flier at 1000 points and hopes to clear off a couple objectives with shooting to drop scoring units onto late-game.

The WorkBench

Speaking of crons, I’ve been playing around with a new color scheme for my go-bots, but I can’t seem to find anything I like more than just good ol’ black and gold. It’s never going to win me any creativity awards, but they do look good en masse. I did finish up building a custom-made kitbash Catacomb Command Barge recently, I may try to get some pics of that up soon.

Rules We’re Arguing About

The dreaded farting heldrake debate rages on. While the heldrake can place its Baleflamer template behind it, can it actually wound the things it templates if it can’t see them? What sort of weapon mount is the baleflamer mounted on, for that matter? Are we supposed to call that bendy-looking dinobot neck a hull mount? Pintle? Sponson? The Baleflamer is being hotly (get it?) debated all over the 40k-related internet and we may have to jump in soon. This one may or may not get FAQ’ed as it’s probably something that never even crossed the designers’ minds.

What We’re Watching

I saw The Hobbit and absolutely loved it. It’s been catching some Flakk from various critics and commentators, and I think they’re just way off the mark. Why so serious? I think the biggest problem is so many of them went into it expecting more Lord of the Rings when the Hobbit is an entirely different animal. Yeah it’s the same world, but this story is certainly more geared toward children. Expect more songs and stereotypes and physical comedy. The hobbit isn’t intended to be such serious business. I don’t want to risk any spoilers here but I do love the way they’ve drawn from Middle Earth mythology to add to the story. The whole thing was incredibly well done in my opinion and I’m excited that they’re making a trilogy out of it. I’m eagerly awaiting the extended edition in… whenever they get around to releasing it. If you’ve been hesitating to see this one because of critics and naysayers, don’t! Go see it! I’ll probably be heading to Les Miserables this weekend – if it was worth Anne Hathaway having her teeth pulled IRL to look more authentically miserable, it’s probably worth seeing.

Closing Arguments

That’s it for this week! Go see the hobbit if you haven’t! Feedback is of course welcome on my necron list here and I’d love to hear what you all think about the baleflamer line of sight issues. We’d also love to hear about your holiday hauls of 40k-related loot. Happy holidays from The Rules Lawyers!

6 Responses to “The Docket: GiantKiller’s Week of 12/23/12 (Merry Christmas!)”

  1. Congratulations on your engagement!

  2. Congratulations on the engagement!!! That’s really exciting! I wish you both the best!

  3. Thanks, guys! It definitely made for a very exciting christmas!

  4. I actually really like that necron list. Congrats on getting engaged! Wish I could find a girl who didn’t mind the house being covered in wargame debris.

  5. Congrats GK! Merry Xmas! I loved the hobbit btw.

  6. @noah: Thanks, and I’m glad you liked the list! If you try it out, let us know how it goes! As for finding a hobby-tolerant girl, keep looking! They’re definitely out there. Your best bet, I’d say, is to find a girl who has a crafting-style hobby of her own. Well worth the search!

    @gary: Thanks! I’m really looking forward to the extended edition hobbit whenever they decide to release that.


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