Welcome to our newest series, The Docket.  Back in September of 2011 when we made our first return from a long hiatus, we promised to bring you more content on ”the Rules Lawyers as gamers”, intending to keep you, our readers, apprised as to what we’re up to.  We wanted to give some insight into our gaming lives beyond just the tournament reviews and the dry, lengthy rules discussions we (occasionally) produce.  That was partly the result of meeting and getting to know some great people at Gamesday 2011.  It was also partly in response to some emails we’d received in our absence, asking about things like what armies we’re playing, what armies we’re working on, what tournaments we’re going to/judging, and other things like what videogames we play, whether we’re on XBox or PS3, etc.  We’ve continued to get these kinds of questions from time to time ever since.  Unfortunately, aside from the occasional “Building the Case” article, we haven’t really done much to address those questions.  And as we’ve mentioned before, we want to be your rules lawyers.  That means we want our content to be driven by what our readers want to see.  No sense in writing something nobody wants to read.


So in this series, one or both of us will address what we’re up to in a given week.  Armies we’re playing.  Lists we’re tinkering with.  Models we’re building, converting, and painting.  Video games, board games, and whatever else we’re playing.  Books, blogs, sites, and forums we’re reading.  Upcoming releases we’re looking forward to anywhere in the world of gaming.  Quick recaps of our pick-up games and playtests.  And of course, the rules we’re arguing about.  We’d love to discuss any of it with you in comments, especially that last bit about the rules we’re currently discussing.  We figure that if we let you know what we’re arguing about in preparation for future rules articles, it will give our readers an opportunity to be heard on an issue before a ruling is written.

So here goes nothing!  Expect the format to change up a bit as we figure this out.

What I’m Playing

This week I’m still playing a bunch of Call of Duty Black Ops II on the 360.  Just hit Prestige 5 thanks to some play time this weekend, which also happened to be a Double XP weekend.  I also just picked up Deck Packs 1 and 2 for Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 on XBox Live and started doing a bit of unlocking on those.  So far the decks are looking fun, but none feel ”too strong” like some expansion decks have in past editions.  The next beknighted (for the non-planeswalkers out there, Beknighted was a quite strong expansion deck from DOTPW 2012, considered overpowered by some) hasn’t yet reared its ugly head, as far as I can tell.  These expansion decks seem a bit on the tame side for 1v1.  It looks to me like they’re more geared toward multiplayer play, be it two-headed giant or free for all.  I’m a big fan of ‘em, and I’m looking forward to trying ‘em out in 2HG.  So far my favorite is black/white and my least favorite is blue/green.

Lists I’m Working On

I’ve been trying to come up with a solution to the CSM troops problem without turning to allies.  I love CSM, always have, and I’d love to be able to put together a pure CSM list that can hold its own.  I’ve been working on something with a couple of small and efficient fast-moving CC units, a juggy lord w/ spawn and a black mace nurgle lord on bike w/ bikers, some plague marines with double plasma in rhinos, heldrakes with baleflamers, and some small cultist squads that are basically just grots to hold backfield objectives.  Significantly more playtesting is required before I’ve got something good enough to post, but those are the building blocks I’m working with.

The Workbench

Haven’t done much painting lately, but I’m determined to get more of my guardsmen/henchmen/cultists painted.  My paint scheme so far is red armor with khaki/brown cloth and then lots of washes.

Rules We’re Arguing About

Still arguing about a question from more than a month ago regarding models forcibly disembarking from exploded transports.  The issue being whether they have to be deployed 100% within the boundaries of the now-exploded vehicle, 100% within the boundaries of the crater (or more often index card) that replaces the vehicle, or just touching either (allowing for the majority of the base to be outside that boundary).  We also had an interesting question from a while back about whether Logan Grimnar allows you to take wolf guard battle leaders as troops.  My initial thought was of course “hell no”, but honestly I can’t see a reason why not.

Closing Arguments

So there you have it, that’s what’s on my docket for the week of 12/16/12.  We’d love to hear your feedback.  What are you up to this week?

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  1. Logan Grimnar allowing one to take Wolf Guard Battle Leaders as troops.

    You know, I’d never actually done a real spit take before now.

    Now that I’m recovered from that, the idea of a list with 13 independent characters amuses me. Pardon me while I grab my codex . . .

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