Welcome back!  Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve been playing a ton of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 lately and have had a tough time tearing myself away long enough to write anything worth reading.  On that note, I have noticed some striking similarities between 40k and Call of Duty that I may have to devote a separate article to. If, you know, I can stop playing long enough to write it.

In the meantime, the Da Boyz GT has come and gone.  This year, the Da Boyz GT featured no comp scoring.  That’s unusual for the event, which is notorious for its comp scores.  I believe going to no-comp was the right call, given the relative infancy of 6th edition.  The TOs were proven correct when despite the lack of comp scores, a wide variety of lists showed up on the top tables.  The top 10 overall finishers included: GK/IG, Daemons, Eldar/Tau, Chaos Space Marines, Eldar, IG, Tyranids, and Necrons.  When the dust settled, Andrew Gonyo had pulled down yet another 6th edition GT win with a Grey Knight/IG army.  Today we’ve got the army lists of the Da Boyz GT 2012 Best Overall winner Andrew Gonyo and 2nd Overall / Best General Ben Mohile for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!

Andrew Gonyo Da Boyz GT 2012 Winning / Best Overall Army List – Grey Knights with Imperial Guard Allies – 1850 points.


HQ1: Coteaz
HQ2: Inquisitor, Terminator armor, Psycannon, DaemonHammer, Psyker Upgrade
HQ(Guard): Lord Commissar, Power Axe


Troops1: Strike Squad x10, 2x Psycannons, Psybolt Ammo
Troops2: Strike Squad x10, 2x Psycannons, Psybolt Ammo
Troops3: Strike Squad x10, 2x Psycannons, Psybolt Ammo
Troops4: Strike Squad x10, 2x Psycannons, Psybolt Ammo
Troops5: Acolytes x12, Stormbolters x12
Troops6: Acolytes x12, Stormbolters x12
Troops(Guard): Infantry Platoon
Platoon Command Squad
Infantry Squad, Krak Grenades, Power Axe
Infantry Squad, Krak Grenades, Power Axe
Infantry Squad, Krak Grenades, Power Axe
Infantry Squad, Krak Grenades, Power Axe
Infantry Squad, Krak Grenades, Power Axe

Our Notes on Andrew’s List

Andrew’s Da Boyz GT list was a re-vamp of his winning Battle For Salvation GK/IG List.  Notably, he removed the dreadknight, purifiers, and razorbacks in favor of more on-foot firepower from more strikes and 24 stormbolter henchmen.  The removal of the razorbacks gives opponents fewer opportunities for first blood and easy killpoints, but it does eliminate the army’s ability to engage opponents more than 24″ away.  The new list presents opponents with an overwhelming number of scoring bodies (note that aside from the HQs, the list is nothing but troops) and a terrifying amount of anti-infantry firepower.  Ultimately, opponents simply couldn’t withstand the torrent of fire long enough to clear 40 MEQs and around 80 GEQs off of the board.


Ben Mohile Da Boyz GT 2012 Best General Army List – Necrons – 1850 points.


HQ: Zahndrekh
Zahndrekh’s Court: Despair Cryptek, Stormtek w/ Lightning Field
HQ2: Obryon
HQ3: Necron Overlord, scythe, scarabs, weave, shifter
Overlord’s Court: Despair Cryptek, Stormtek w/ Lightning Field


Troops1: Immortals x10, Tesla Carbines, Night Scythe
Troops2: Warriors x5, Night Scythe
Troops3: Warriors x5, Night Scythe
Troops4: Warriors x5, Night Scythe


Elites1: Deathmarks x5, Night Scythe

Fast Attack:

F.Attack1: Scarabs x5

Heavy Support:

H.Support1: Tomb Spyders x3, Gloom Prism

Our notes on Ben’s list:

This list is a showcase of the Necron codex’ best tricks.  Zahndrekh can pass out crucial abilities from his bag of tricks and tanks like a pro.  Obryon provides all sorts of teleport shenanigans.  Deathmarks combined with two despair teks are all but guaranteed to wipe out a unit when they arrive thanks to a pair of armor-ignoring, cover-ignoring flamers that wound the marked target on 2′s.  5 scythes provide incredible mobility for the necron scoring units and toss out a load of S7 firepower.  There’s also a mini-scarab farm for screening and some spyders for countercharge.  The warriors are vulnerable on the ground, but usually quite safe in the air once the enemy’s anti-air has been blown away by scythes, wiped out by deathmarks, or tied up by scarabs.

Closing Remarks

Ultimately, the versatility in the top 10 at the DaBoyz GT provides strong evidence that no comp system is necessary to artificially “balance” the codexes for competitive 6th edition play.  6th edition itself seems to be doing that just fine. Strong generals and a wide variety of lists found their way to the top despite a complete lack of comp.  The fact that no primary/ally combination was repeated in the top 10 lists is incredibly telling.  We applaud the Da Boyz TOs for leaving comp out of their first 6th edition GT, and for running yet another well-run, well-attended, and very competitive, national-level event. It sounds like the Da Boyz TOs are looking to make the Da Boyz GT a semi-annual event, and we wish them the very best! As we’ve mentioned before, more well-run, competitive GTs are exactly what competitive 40k needs. Congratulations to Andrew Gonyo on another big GT win, and congratulations to everyone who kicked ass at Da Boyz GT 2012!


13 Responses to “Law Reviews: Da Boyz GT 2012 Results and Analysis”

  1. Obryon can’t take a court. Would hate for that to go down.
    Hopefully he has a lord in the list as well.

  2. Great to see a post again- it’s been too long since your last one!

    Just a couple of queries on the Necron list-

    - Obyron isnt an overlord, so he cant take a court- was this another overlord or was it all one court for Zandrekh? In which case having 2 lightning fields is illegal, and you cant attach both despair-teks to one unit of deathmarks

    - I take it the lightning fields are on stormteks rather than destucteks?

    Keep up the great work- this blog is always the first one i check!

  3. nobody noted that the necron armylist is all wrong and illegal?
    (eg. no royal court for vangard, despair crypteks ment to be with veils of darkness…)

  4. Are you sure about the Necron list? It is not legal (Obyron is not an overlord, thus he cannot have a Court) Wasn’t it a different HQ choice?

  5. 2 eldar in the top 10 is surprissing, would love to see those lists!

  6. How does Obyron get a Court?!

  7. You’re all absolutely right, obryon can’t take a court. Unfortunately this list is based on secondhand info as I wasn’t present. Clearly some mistakes were made, probably by me. If anyone has a more accurate list for ben, please let me know!

  8. Thanks very much for the quick responses by email. You guys are awesome! Turns out I was indeed missing a very tooled-up overlord, and the lightning fields were of course on stormteks. List updated!

    Thanks again!

  9. gk list seems good, is similar to the one I use. But I see a major flaw, such as a Hive Tyrant platoon fire with double devour, being character makes precision shooting, are assigned to the commissioner and one only has to fail sir care to lose the commissioner and to check the firing with ld 7. What do you think?

  10. That’s a good point, guille. It also applies to barrage weapons like manticores, griffons, whirrlwinds, etc which can snipe out the commissar. Or precision shots from snipers, for that matter. The blob certainly isn’t invulnerable and taking out the commissar should be priority one for any army capable of doing so. As blobs become more and more common, you’ll probably see more widespread inclusion of such tools.

  11. this is my list 1850 pts:

    Inquisitor, Terminator armor, Psycannon, Psyker Upgrade, 3 servoskull
    Lord Commissar, Power Axe, layer camouflage (stealth for the entire unit by 10 pts)

    Strike Squad x10, 2x Psycannons, Psybolt Ammo
    Strike Squad x10, 2x Psycannons, Psybolt Ammo
    Strike Squad x10, 2x Psycannons, Psybolt Ammo

    Platoon Command Squad
    Infantry Squad, Krak Grenades, Power Axe
    Infantry Squad, Krak Grenades, Power Axe
    Infantry Squad, Power Axe
    Infantry Squad, Power Axe
    Infantry Squad

    Nemesis Dreadreadknight, heavy incinerator
    Nemesis Dreadreadknight, heavy incinerator
    Nemesis Dreadreadknight, heavy incinerator

    Defense line aegis with quad gun


    you think of it?

  12. Guille, I like the list a lot and it’s quite similar to what I’d run with those armies at that point level. I just have a couple suggestions:

    I don’t know if I’d go with the terminator inquisitor over Coteaz – Coteaz just brings so much utility to the table. I also question the aegis line ’cause you don’t really have much that wants to sit behind one.

    I seem to remember the “stealth pants” on the commissar granting stealth to the whole unit thing getting nixed by the IG FAQ – worth looking into.

    But it looks like a strong list with quite a bit of firepower and some excellent screening units in the DreadKnights. I can see it working well for you!


  13. terminator inquisitor gives me communion psi, I use mostly servoterror by DS and some strike squad. The communion is very valuable for the DS, with 3 servoskulls even more precise. and a solid psi cannon with precision shots.
    line of defense is to threaten flying and give additional protection to some troops on a objective.

    with the layer you’re right, this in faq. Sorry.

    removing the layer and the aegis could put 5 strikes with psi cannon, but aegis almost always works well, I am in doubt…

    thanks for the recommendations

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