Imperial_Guard_Vol_1_1GiantKiller here with another episode of Building the Case. This week’s edition is a response to a build request for a Pure IG build at the 1000 points level with “some kind of blob and air support”. I think this will work out well, as IG has an efficient enough codex to pack in both durability and mobility at the 1000 point level and still have some room left over for a few useful toys. After some tweaking and playtesting, this is what I came up with.

Email in from anonymous:

“Dear rules lawyers. Ive been reading your blog for a while now and I seem to remember one of you guys doing pretty well in a 1000 point league a while ago. I have a 1000 point RTT style tourney coming up in January at my store. There are no restrictions on force organisation or units or allies or anything, but I want to bring Imperial Guard without allies. What would you guys take at 1000 points? Id like to have some kind of blob in there and some air support. I have a vendetta and a valkyrie built. I could remake the valkyrie into a vendetta pretty easy and probably will because I don’t think valkyries are good anymore. Please help, I haven’t won a tourney there yet and would like to surprise these guys with a good list.” -anon

Happy to help! And I agree you should make that valkyrie a vendetta. I’m assuming you can get that done by tourney time. Here goes.

Primary Detachment: Imperial Guard. 1000 Points.


HQ1: Lord Commissar, Power Weapon(Axe) – 80


Troops1: Infantry Platoon
PCS, Mortar – 35
Infantry Squad, Krak Grenades, Power Axe – 70
Infantry Squad, Krak Grenades, Power Axe – 70
Infantry Squad, Krak Grenades, Power Axe – 70
Infantry Squad, Krak Grenades, Power Axe – 70
Infantry Squad, Krak Grenades – 60
Spec Squad, 3x Flamer – 85
Troops2: Vets, 3x Flamer – 85

Fast Attack

Fast Attack 1: Vendetta – 130
Fast Attack 2: Vendetta – 130

Heavy Support

HeavySupport1: Griffon – 75
HeavySupport2: Griffon – 75

The Why and How

Most of this stuff should be pretty self-explanatory. The Infantry Squads blob up, led by the Lord Commissar, and head for midfield which they should be able to hold for most if not all of the game. Their motto is tie ‘em up and grind ‘em down. The spec squad and vets each ride in a vendetta and hop out late game to flame away any small backfield scoring units and score/deny enemy backfield objectives. The PCS hides behind LOS-blocking terrain on a backfield objective and fires mortars. If there’s no LOS-blocking terrain, hide them behind the Griffons. The griffons are there to snipe out enemy special weapons and characters with the ridiculous barrage weapon wound allocation rules. Being able to reroll the scatter die makes these some of the best snipers in the business, and they’re an absolute steal at 75 points apiece. They can even help strip hull points on lightly-armored targets in a pinch. The vendettas can pop tanks and transports and enemy flyers from range, but their primary focus is on staying alive to deliver the scoring units late game, so evade if you take hits. With twin-linked lascannons, you may still be able to hit something even when snap-firing.

Closing Arguments

Good luck in your tournament! Please let us know how it goes and what sort of competition you face. As always, comments and criticism and suggestions on the list are welcome. If not for us, do it for anonymous here!

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